3 additional UGC Ad Iterations on top of your package

3 additional UGC Ad Iterations on top of your package



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Anna, founder of Popeia

Creating high quality UGC content at scale is difficult, especially as a smaller brand. With Social Heaven we have found the ideal platform providing our monthly need in fresh, creative UGC content, which helped us a lot in scaling sales.

Lutz, Head of Performance Marketing with mymuesli

Social Heaven provides high-quality UGC Ads with different angles and messages that still feel quite native and natural to the user. Their content diversifies our messaging and works in creating awareness and conversions at the same time.

Alex, founder of mammaly

Having Social Heaven at hand saves our team an immense time and work effort. The UGC ads are targeting our audience in a native and conversion driven way. Some of our ads even landed on the TikTok Best Performer Library!

We can highly recommend it!

Patrik, founder of Urbany's

Producing UGC ads with Social Heaven was one of our best marketing decisions in 2022! The performance of the ads are incredible. We cut our CPA in half which is vital to our profitable revenue growth!

Jo, founder of Levy & Frey

The time & stress relief for our team is priceless! Super easy communication, the team really thought our products and USPs through and digged out marketing angles that we hadn't had in this form before. Great understanding of target groups and communication in the ads. A big recommendation from us!

Niklas, MD DTC Ventures★★★★★

All our brands had the same issue: How do we produce high quality and scalable UGC content to fuel sales in post-iOS times? For us, Social Heaven is the ideal partners for many brands and partners in providing the monthly dosis of great UGC creatives. Definitely, one of the best quick wins boost to boost sales!

Max, founder of Maniko Nails★★★★★

After the last iOS update, our social tracking went completely downhill. We were hoping that the "right" content could be the key, but had trouble getting it. Working with Social Heaven we received stellar content while the team took care of everything: Creator research, briefing & scripting, authentic presentation and the final ads. We are working together on a monthly basis. Huge time saver! 

Jannes, founder of kleany★★★★★

The Social Heaven team is refreshingly open and proactive. They almost feel like internal partners - they have been super involved in the brand from the beginning and have developed an impressive script based on our brief. The content creators have been a great fit for our brand so far. We are very happy and will remain customers. 

Mitch, founder of funzy
Los Angeles, CA

Social Heaven tackles two major pain points: finding great content creators and creating high quality UGC ad creatives at scale. This helped us at lot focusing on topics, whilst being assured to receive great monthly content!