This is how we do it!
This is how we do it!




With rising competition, the challenge grows to outperform your performance marketing KPIs. We found UGC as a solution for our own portfolio brands and built Social Heaven. This is why it works:

47% of sales on social media are contributed by one single thing: its Creatives!!
The remaining contributors are split as follows:

- 2% Context

- 15% Brand

- 22% Reach

- 5% Regency

- 9% Targeting


... Need more proof?

Once you fell in love with our mission and commit to a package deal:

1. We will ask you a couple of questions about your brand and goals in a questionnaire.

2. Based on your briefing, we a) scan our pool of amazing content creator angels and b) get our hands on the script with our marketers team.

3. You get to review our selection of angels and script and send us your products.

4. Once your products have arrived and angels and script confirmed on your end, our angels get ready to create authentic & high quality content that converts.

5. We quality check the content produced and start creating your ad with our experienced marketing & video editor team.

6. You receive ready-made ads #madeinheaven, waiting to give your performance wings.

We want you to fall in love with the content and ads we produce. Together we choose the perfect creator angel for your brand and you and match the script with you in a feedback loop! Therewith we can secure the most amazing outcome for you and your brand πŸ’œ

100%, if you have a specific briefing/ script in mind already, please feel free to share and we will make it happen!

We acknowledge the fact that e-commerce moves fast, we know that from our own brands! With your products arriving with us, the angels creating and us producing your ads, we aim at a maximum of 14 days project time from the time that your products have arrived in our hub.Β 

We are an experienced team of e-commerce founders and hands-on marketers, who understand the ever-changing challenges of performance marketing. We have found our solution for steady success in UGC and therefore built Social Heaven for you to join the boost in performing content.

Besides our brilliant team mix of multi channel performance marketers and e-commerce founders, we offer you an unique package, starting from strategising your ads, offering you our pool of +150 content angels, creating your scripts to editing and producing your ready-made ads. It truly is a heavenly lean-back and enjoy kinda deal here!